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The drivers in our team are responsible for navigating the vehicle. They must learn how to work with the car's controls and be able to expertly navigate the vehicle through each of the unique tracks.


Pit Crew

The pit crew is responsible for fixing issues with the vehicle. In long and obstacle ridden tracks, the vehicle is bound to run into issues during the race. When these issues arise, the pit crew rushes to restore the vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible.They fix issues such as drifting, dead batteries , and wheel misplacements.



The photographers are responsible for taking photos and videos of each competition. They photograph pitch practices, practice car runs, vehicle races, pit setups, and job execution in our team.


Design Team

The design team is responsible for creating logo and shirt designs.They consider color schemes, sizing, graphics, and team goals to decide on the ideal design. 


Track Ambassador

Track Ambassadors are responsible for removing stopped or damaged vehicles from the track. After removal, they are placed at the side of the track where they will be picked up by the pit runner and given to the pit crew for restoration. Track Ambassadors are also responsible for putting a vehicle back on the track after it hits a wall or barrier and is unable to remove itself.


Pit Runner

Pit Runners are responsible for grabbing a damaged vehicle from the side of the track and handing it to the pit crew. Pit Runners commonly stand on opposite sides of the track in order to keep watch on where the vehicle is placed. They must be quick and careful while handling the vehicle so the car arrives safely to the pit crew. 



Those who enjoy writing, are in charge of creating the pitch. These writers must focus on the core beliefs of the team and execute ideas in an organized manner. They must pay attention to small details such as commas, apostrophes, grammar mistakes, and spelling mistakes.


Public Speaking

Those on the team that are passionate about public speaking are in charge of the pitch. The pitch is our team's chance to show the competition supervisors that our team is professional and successful. The pitch outlines the core values of our team and explains how our team operates. In order to effectively convey our message a team of confident and knowledgable members must present it in the competitions.

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