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The JMMA Silver Streaks Ten80 Education racing team at Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy is dedicated to encouraging others to advance their education in the STEM fields. We hope to encourage others who are unsure about pursuing a STEM career and help develop the education of our students. We have positions available in our team for individuals with many different interests and we encourage every team member to try new things. Our goal is to teach all students that learning about fields in STEM doesn't always have to be boring and that learning could be enjoyable. The Silver Streaks Competition team uses on hands on learning to get students excited about STEM.

The JMMA Silver Streaks also competes in Ten80 Education racing invitationals during the school year. As a new team our goal is to learn from our experiences at competition and become competitive with established organizations.

Location and Meetings

Meetings of the JMMA Silver Streaks team take place on Thursdays in room 1318 at Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy. In our meetings, you are required to sign a sign in sheet that will be turned into the teacher at the end of each meeting. Prospective members are welcome to attend to find out about our program.


Team members are encouraged to experiment with Ten80 related projects even if they are outside their comfort zone. A variety of departments in our organization (enterprise, graphic design, engineering, etc.) require team members with a broad scope of skills. Members are encouraged to find the area where they can best contribute or where they feel they can grow the most. Performance and contributions during meetings will impact assignments for team members when we attend competitions.


The JMMA Silver Streaks Ten80 competition team received startup investment from the school administration at Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy. We were further sponsored by contributors to our project including the Chevron Fuel Your School campaign. The Chevron Fuel your School campaign funds programs that focus on encouraging youth to further their education in the STEM program. This is truly an amazing program that has helped our team progress and blossom into a professional and accomplished competition team.

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